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About us

Intoday's world, trust is a word used more often to allude to the lack thereof than actual confidence placed in a company. We aim to change that. Driven by a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, at Eco Shield Public Adjusters our goal is to ensure that our clients are well cared for.

Whether by incorporating modern technology with tried and proven techniques, using research and specialized knowledge to properly adjust claims, or harnessing the power of our network of contacts, we will reach a favorable resolution for you, the policyholder.

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Our team is comprised of individuals from a variety of continents, nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds. This allows us to relate to individuals from many walks of life, translating into a superior experience for the insured.

Our Mission

Eco Shield Public Adjusters Inc, Adjusters  Public, Roselle, IL

Eco Shield Public Adjusters is dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses who have experienced an unexpected disaster and are confronted with the challenge of preparing and filing an insurance claim.

As public adjusters our only job is to ensure that our clients get the maximum recovery to which they are entitled and have paid for according to the terms of their insurance policy.

Our word is our bond - our bond to you. We believe that the relationship with our clients is about more than just resolving your crisis and adjusting your insurance claim. We're building a network of trust and, most important, of friends.

An essential part of our process is to keep you informed and updated. A typical claim is made up of several stages. Your personal Eco Shield Public Adjuster will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and offer assistance.

What results? Fair compensation. Honest treatment and accountability from your insurance carrier. End result? A stress free recovery experience for you.


“Our congregation and community would like to sincerely thank Eco Shield Public Adjusters for the time, effort and knowledge you uet into the project of renovating our church facility"

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Pastor ThreadgillRockford

“Our Claim has been denied by our insurance company. Eco Shield Public Adjusters proceeded to settle the claim and they were able to settle and complete the work needed."

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Gregory MooreChicago

“We were very pleased with Eco Shield Public Adjusters management of our claims process. We know that we would not have been able to come to the same satisfactory conclusion on our own."

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Steve SpillerChicago

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Frequently Asked Questions//

Navigating the many complex details of an insurance claim can be difficult. A Public Adjuster is the only adjuster who is licensed to adjust claims on behalf of an insured for property claims. This includes investigating the cause of loss, documenting damages sustained, inventory of personal property, communications with the insurance carrier, researching pertinent laws and building codes, negotiating compensation, and managing payments.

A public adjuster is a professional insurance claims adjuster who exclusively advocates for the policyholder (you) in appraising and negotiating a first party insurance claim after having sustained an insured loss. They work very closely with the insured handling every detail of the claim to ensure the most satisfactory and beneficial settlement possible. Aside from attorneys and the broker of record, public adjusters licensed by state departments of insurance are the only type of claims adjusters that can legally represent the insured during a property insurance claim process. Contractors may only legally negotiate insurance claims if they are licensed public insurance adjusters, which is why it's very important to place your claim with a licensed public adjuster.

Your insurance policy entitles you to indemnity, much like the constitution guarantees you certain rights. Whether or not they are respected is another matter. Your insurance carrier has rights as well, which are enumerated in the policy. Insurance carriers safeguard their rights by hiring a trained adjuster to represent their interests. Securing the services of Eco Shield Public Adjusters guarantees that your rights will be respected. In terms of compensation, using the services of Eco Shield Public Adjusters will increase your settlement. This increase can range from 200 percent to 600 percent of what your insurance company would have otherwise paid.

Our Eco Shield Public Adjusters work solely for you not the insurance companies, representing your best interests and ensuring that you receive everything that you are equitably entitled to when you have experienced a loss. We are trained professionals dedicated to studying the ins and outs of your individual insurance claim, to provide you the insured with the best possible advice and representation throughout the negotiating process, guaranteeing a smooth beneficial conclusion that guarantees you not being underpaid or denied coverage.

Should you consult o doctor when you're sick? A lawyer, when arrested? The same is true for insurance claims. In order to ensure that your interests are given fair representation, that you receive sufficient compensation to return to pre-loss condition, and are reimbursed for related expenses and loss of income, you need a licensed, experienced, trained Eco Shield Public Adjuster.

Right away! Many errors can be made during the first 48 hours of a loss. If incorrect or incomplete information is provided to the insurance company adjuster you may receive less than what you are entitled to. Acting quickly and engaging and Eco Shield Public Adjuster early on in the process, provides you with the professional representation that secures a fair settlement. You can contact our firm via telephone: (224) 520-8106 or email: ecoshieldpa@gmail.com and request a review of your loss.

Attempting to apply outdated knowledge with belligerent tactics is common practice when negotiating a loss. Not so with our team. Instead, we depend on ingenuity, thorough investigation and energetic research to achieve impressive, but fair, results.

Attempting to apply outdated knowledge with belligerent tactics is common practice when negotiating a loss. Not so with our team. Instead, we depend on ingenuity, thorough investigation and energetic research to achieve impressive, but fair, results.

In common practice, a Public Adjuster receives a small portion of the settlement he negotiates. A good Public Adjuster will negotiate an amount far in excess of what an insured might receive without proper representation. These funds can be used to affect quality repairs and ensure that no loss of value is sustained. Eco Shield Public Adjusters is partnered with a large general contractor that can oversee repairs. In the event repairs are completed by our partner firm, they will settle our fee*. *Restoration services not available outside Illinois

NONE! (NOT GONNA WORK) Public adjusters do not actually cost you anything. A public adjuster's fee is a contingency fee. In other words, a public adjuster will only get paid if they procure a settlement, if this is not achieved then there is no fee. Eco Shield takes a small percentage of the final settlement. It is in everyone's best interest that an equitable settlement for you the insured is secured. If Eco Shield is retained to handle the repairs and/or restoration of your property, the public adjusting fee will be waived and paid for by Eco Shield Home Design.

Your insurance carrier will take all necessary steps to protect their interests when negotiating a settlement with you. This may include hiring an adjuster, engineer, consultant or other professional to assess damage and scope of loss. These individuals are contractually obligated to give account to their client, in this case the insurance carrier. They do not work for you. They do not represent you.

While your insurance company does hire an adjuster, this adjuster does not work for you. He is contractually obligated to represent the interests of his client — the Insurer. Eco Shield Public Adjusters negotiate and represent the particular interests of the insured to guarantee an equitable settlement that will best benefit you.

Until you have complied with all of the provisions in your policy, you cannot file suit against your insurance carrier. Law firms typically become involved if there is a legal dispute, or if all policy terms have been satisfied without satisfactory results. Eco Shield Public Adjusters are familiar with the terms in your policy, and trained in damage assessment and scope of loss. A Public Adjuster can negotiate a settlement without the need for an attorney.

In legal disputes with the insurance company you should definitely hire a lawyer. However, most policies specify that you may not bring suit until all provisions of the policy have been complied with. Complying with the terms usually requires the assistance of someone such as a public adjuster. Attorneys do not deal with matters of damage assessment or the scope of loss, and will routinely hire a Public Adjuster to perform these services once a case is retained. Public Adjusters and attorneys play separate, yet complementary roles in the resolution of insurance claims.

Yes, we can. Combining in depth knowledge of insurance policies with specialized training in damage assessment, Eco Shield Public Adjusters can tell you what is covered, why it is covered, and how we will assist you. This complimentary evaluation is invaluable when deciding whether to place a claim.

Absolutely. At Eco Shield Public Adjusters we know and understand insurance policies, terms, and conditions. Our public adjusters will be able to explain to you in detail whether or not you are covered and why.

Eco Shield Public Adjusters will inform you of the factors that concern you and could have an impact on your claim's success. Conversely, your insurance carrier will notify you of only the bare minimum required by law, as they will be caring for their interests. To ensure that your rights are respected, consulting with Eco Shield Public Adjusters from the onset would be ideal.

This is very important. If you contact the insurance company about a claim and it is not covered, then you will be making a HUGE mistake. Contact Eco Shield Public Adjusters first to determine if your loss is covered. If it is not, then you would not want to submit the insurance claim. It is very important to contact a public adjuster before the insurance company.

Most claims can be reopened if they haven't passed their statute of limitations. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our public insurance adjusters. We are confident in our ability to analyze your situation and formulate a winning strategy.

It probably isn't too late, depending on the time limits in your policy to file for supplemental payments. Contact Eco Shield Public Adjusters for a free consultation and we will gladly provide you with our expertise to answer your questions or concerns.

Many complex factors are involved when negotiating a loss. Not the least of which are your time, wellbeing and recovery. In the aftermath, it's easy to miss important details, especially if you aren't familiar with the terms and conditions of your policy, local building ordinances, local market values for repairs and restoration, preparing itemized damage reports, etc. We can ensure that you are well compensated for your loss, and speed you on your way to restoration. All without the need for you to add any more strain to an already stressful situation.

It's difficult to find the time to assess and prepare an itemized damage report, meet with adjustors, or negotiate settlements. Because of Eco Shield Public Adjuster's extensive experience and expertise in representing policyholders such as yourself, we can properly assess the extent of your loss, expeditiously process claims, and negotiate the most favorable settlement for you. Eco Shield relieves you of the headache of preparing claims and attending meetings with insurance adjustors, which then allows you to continue with life and business as usual.

If it's covered in your policy, we can handle it. Some of the most common perils we deal with are fire, hail, wind, water, lightning, burst pipes, vandalism and business interruption. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and our knowledgeable and experienced adjusters are at your disposal for a complementary consultation to ascertain your cause of loss and establish coverage.

Our Eco Shield firm has had vast experience representing insurance claims of damage to property incurred from storms, water, hail, wind, burst pipes, fire, lightning, vandalism and business interruption to name a few of the most common cases. Contact Eco Shield for a free consultation to find out how we may be of assistance to you.


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